Rockin’ Around This Holiday Season (with Actual Rocks)

(Originally Published 12/14/20)

Yes, the title of today’s post is a joke that will make sense when I explain it. For a Girl Scout project, I made inspirational stones. This consisted of painting positive messages on rocks. The infuriating thing is that I have no progress photos of this!

The first rock I painted an elephant on, as well as the word ‘Love.’ I gave it to my grandmother, who loves elephants. (She loved it, if you were wondering.)

The point of this project is to spread a little positivity while not spreading COVID. I really took to this idea, and we went and collected a bunch of rocks that were (sort of) flat so we could paint them. We had an interesting time getting them back to the house. Who would’ve thought that rocks are heavy?

Painting them was lots of fun, and I got to let loose with the tempera paint. I rarely get to use tempera, and it’s a lot easier to do details than if you use water colors.

Mom says they’re really good, which I’m not so sure about, but I like them. Now the only thing left to do is spread them around town (Walden) so that they can spread a little happy. We’re going to do this tomorrow. We’ll put them outside the entrances to places like the post office, the ranger station, and the clinic in town. That way they can know they’re appreciated.

After that we’re planning to hole up at home and enjoy our Christmas break. That mostly consists of hanging out in the living room and watching Christmas movies, although there will be a major party on the 22nd. Somebody’s turning 14, and it’s not my mom. We’re both looking forward to being home with nowhere to go.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Adventurer, storyteller, detective, book lover and dragon enthusiast. If you walk into my room, you may run into a stray cat goddess or pirate's parrot. I love Egypt and anything to do with archaeology, am an amateur fencer, and want to be an actress. I am currently living with my parents, and my occupation is student. I'm also a Girl Scout. I have very many diverse interests, including all those listed above and several more. I qualify myself as a Steampunk, which means I love anything old and think I own a dirigible. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a little wacky, but then, all the best people are.) I happen to be a practicing magician and have more books than anyone I've ever met, except my grandmother. Looks like bibliomania is hereditary. What I love is a good adventure. Would you like to come along with me?

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