Monday, March 8th

8:22 a.m., the apartment over the clinic in Casper

Today is International Women’s Day, by the way. So ladies, feel free to treat yourself, because girls rule!

Also, we arrived safely and with little problems. I read an entire book on the drive up, but I had already read it before. (I don’t know why that matters.) It’s called News of the World, and it’s actually really good. A book about traveling in Texas, so……

Anyway, there was also some hassle over getting all our stuff into the clinic and up the very steep stairs to the apartment. I made a very important discovery: We have a lot of very heavy bags! Maybe not a good thing if you’re going to be an explorer.

We slept in our sleeping bags on top of the bed, and I also found that if you zip your sleeping bag most of the way up, you won’t end up with it all on top of you instead of under you in the morning. I only got up at about 7:45, after ten minutes of lazily lying in bed.

Once I finish this, I’m off to do school. (Yech, but oh well.) I’m also reading this book by Jules Verne called Five Weeks in a Balloon that no one’s ever heard of. Except for my friend Anne, and she says she didn’t like it. Oh well.

the characters are stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert without any water, to drink or to power their balloon, and I really want to see how they’re going to get out of this one.

But first school. I also have to practice a monologue for acting class tomorrow. If I hurry up and get school done, I might have some time to myself to work on my discoveries.

So, if you’ll excuse me, first I’m going to go measure the air pressure with the barometer to see about any storms, then I’m going to make myself a hot chocolate (the best drink in the civilized and uncivilized worlds), and once I do all of that, I’m starting school.

Bye for now! (You didn’t think you’d get rid of me that easily, did you?)

Yours in exploration,


Published by gracelyncassidy

Adventurer, storyteller, detective, book lover and dragon enthusiast. If you walk into my room, you may run into a stray cat goddess or pirate's parrot. I love Egypt and anything to do with archaeology, am an amateur fencer, and want to be an actress. I am currently living with my parents, and my occupation is student. I'm also a Girl Scout. I have very many diverse interests, including all those listed above and several more. I qualify myself as a Steampunk, which means I love anything old and think I own a dirigible. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a little wacky, but then, all the best people are.) I happen to be a practicing magician and have more books than anyone I've ever met, except my grandmother. Looks like bibliomania is hereditary. What I love is a good adventure. Would you like to come along with me?

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