Breaking News!

I know I already wrote for today, but a lot has happened. I saw the cat not once, but twice, for a start!

But also: I just thought of a great idea for you guys. Picture this: A Steampunk music playlist!

And that’s what I’m doing now, just to warn you. Okay, here we go……

This music is great. Seriously. It’s made with a clock sound and is so totally Steampunk.

This song is honestly incredible. I have listened to these guys before, and they make the most epic pirate music, but this is insane. I played this out loud and I turned into a mad scientist racing to save the world! I’m not even kidding! Never has writing vocabulary words felt so epic.

Also, I totally love the title of the song. It gave me an idea for this daring adventurer, about to do something insane and self-sacrificing, when their partner cries out, “The rocks will kill you!” (or something along these lines) To which the adventurer replies, defiantly, “Time will catch me first!”

Whether I will actually be able to use this idea is another story.

This one is a little long, and about half of it is actually ‘futuristic’ music, whatever that is, but it was the first one I came across and totally worth it. I use this music for inspiration when I’m writing about this idea for a book I came up with. And, I mean, who doesn’t love Steampunk spies?!

I know this is an hour long, and who has that kind of time, but it’s the first ever Steampunk music album. I just couldn’t not include it.

Okay, seriously though, this one is awesome. Like, honestly.

I could go on, but I’m going to stop, since some of these videos are really long. Just one last thing, though: There are actually a bunch of really good Steampunk bands. I’m not kidding, it’s a thing.

Just some examples:


Steam Powered Giraffe

The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Vernian Process

Abney Park

Unextraordinary Gentlemen

There are more, and this is definitely an acquired taste, but I included it just in case you might like it. There is also one called The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic!At the Disco that is actually really good, and I recommend it. Actually, I’m going to put it in here.

It is actually quite good. I’m thinking of doing a pirate music themed playlist at some point soon, since I have a lot of good songs in that genre.

What do you guys think? Please let me know.

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Adventurer, storyteller, detective, book lover and dragon enthusiast. If you walk into my room, you may run into a stray cat goddess or pirate's parrot. I love Egypt and anything to do with archaeology, am an amateur fencer, and want to be an actress. I am currently living with my parents, and my occupation is student. I'm also a Girl Scout. I have very many diverse interests, including all those listed above and several more. I qualify myself as a Steampunk, which means I love anything old and think I own a dirigible. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a little wacky, but then, all the best people are.) I happen to be a practicing magician and have more books than anyone I've ever met, except my grandmother. Looks like bibliomania is hereditary. What I love is a good adventure. Would you like to come along with me?

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