Another Musical Post, Sorry

So a while ago I promised you a post with all the music that I like from a singer I’ve recently gotten into, Ava Max. That’s what this post is all about.

Ava has been called the next Lady Gaga. But to be honest, she’s not the next anyone. She’s the first Ava Max. Her voice is seriously incredible.

She also has some really amazing messages, for girls, especially. I think she could be a really famous and influential singer, and she will definitely make you feel like a strong, independent person, who won’t take no for an answer.

Okay, here we go……

My first that I heard from her.
Quite a good turn on the traditional song….
I really like this one for some weird reason…..

Well, that’s that! Here you go, and happy listening!

Published by gracelyncassidy

Adventurer, storyteller, detective, book lover and dragon enthusiast. If you walk into my room, you may run into a stray cat goddess or pirate's parrot. I love Egypt and anything to do with archaeology, am an amateur fencer, and want to be an actress. I am currently living with my parents, and my occupation is student. I'm also a Girl Scout. I have very many diverse interests, including all those listed above and several more. I qualify myself as a Steampunk, which means I love anything old and think I own a dirigible. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a little wacky, but then, all the best people are.) I happen to be a practicing magician and have more books than anyone I've ever met, except my grandmother. Looks like bibliomania is hereditary. What I love is a good adventure. Would you like to come along with me?

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