Happy New Year, my friends! Here’s to looking forward!

(Originally published 1/4/21)

The year 2020 has been one of those years that has tested the mettle of everyone who has experienced it. We’ve been isolated, scared, disoriented by the misinformation available in the world, and it’s been incredibly hard to get through. This is one of those years that all the history books will remember.

My mom has told me that this is a year that will change us all. That this is the test that will make us heroes. I don’t feel like one, but I think we can be heroes. Because the thing about heroes is that they don’t always know that they’re the heroes. And there are real-life heroes around us every day.

Health care workers.

Postal workers.


Even the cashier at your favorite grocery store.

This year has brought out both the best and the worst in humanity. In 1945, the people, both men and women, who were involved in World War 2, were called the Greatest Generation. These people were brave and selfless, and they made so many sacrifices so that America would pull through. We can be like that again.

Think about your family tree. I don’t mean your literal family tree, I mean the one that runs in all Americans’ veins, no matter who they are or where they came from. In the beginning, we were scrappy patriots, outnumbered, freezing, without shoes or uniforms, but we fought our way into the light, because we believed in democracy. We believed in freedom.

All Americans can be brave. All Americans can be heroes. We look forward into the future, rather than dwelling on the past. Let’s look forward, into the future, and make it out alive.

We have lost so many brave souls already. But we can fight this, by staying safe, by being smart. By being brave. We have to have stamina. Because America will endure. It was built to last, and I believe that we can get out of this. Be brave, my friends, be brave.

Some last, closing content:

“The darkest moment is the moment when light is about to return.”

To looking forward:

Reenie 💖 Happy Merry Yuzumas! on Twitter

To being brave:

Good luck, friends. Happy New Year.

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Adventurer, storyteller, detective, book lover and dragon enthusiast. If you walk into my room, you may run into a stray cat goddess or pirate's parrot. I love Egypt and anything to do with archaeology, am an amateur fencer, and want to be an actress. I am currently living with my parents, and my occupation is student. I'm also a Girl Scout. I have very many diverse interests, including all those listed above and several more. I qualify myself as a Steampunk, which means I love anything old and think I own a dirigible. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a little wacky, but then, all the best people are.) I happen to be a practicing magician and have more books than anyone I've ever met, except my grandmother. Looks like bibliomania is hereditary. What I love is a good adventure. Would you like to come along with me?

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